O.T. Genasis – Plug On Da Line Lyrics

Plug On Da Line Lyrics by O.T. Genasis

I got the plug on the line [X16]

Diamonds, they got me on shine
Rollie got these niggas blind
Sharp to the (?) with my nine
My niggas throwing these signs
I got my homie a pack
Linebacker got me a sack
Ride to your hood in a ‘Lac
Run, I’ma shoot to your back
Smoking on marijuana
Take a trip, Tijuana
I meet her at Benihana
My plug is from Dominicana
Started the grams in half
And they front me a half
Got (?) taking a bag
Better that I walked in the path

I got the plug on the line [X16]

I’m tryna get me a brick
All of my niggas is lit
30-30 with a kick
30-30 with a kick
A young nigga tryna get rich
This money come get for a bitch
The pieces can fit for the wrist
The Forgi’s can (?) for the tints
I gotta get me a bag
My niggas lifting the rags
Bitch try to fit on my tags
I made her fit in the cab
I don’t got time for no hoes
I got a line for a ho
Coke in the gutter on go
I still got it for the low

I got the plug on the line [X16]

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