Rubayne – A Little Lyrics

A Little Lyrics – Rubayne

What u know u popped into my head
Right now
What u know, I felt you doing that a lot
I wish that you’d pick up on your phone, I call
I hope that you’re good
No matter where you are

I hope that your fine, and that you’re not like me
Day on repeat, it’s never complete
Heart’s in a race, it’s at
The max of speed
I’m driving a red light
Hope I’ll make it here

I just wanna hear you speaking
Anything, I’ll hear you screaming
I just wanna feel something mm
Anything to feel some pain
Or just a pinch, am I still sane oh
I just needa feel something

Baby won’t you fight me a little
Cry me a little
Fight me a little
Tell me don’t you want it a little
Oh just a little
Fight me a little

I don’t even know
If we’d have it like that
All I really know is I
Think of u a lot
And I just really know
That I want you enough
Even if you’d fight me a little
So fight me a little

What u know u popped into my head again
Soon as my head has somewhere else to be
You throw me off, like how’s it supposed to be
Something it tells me, that I need you here

Don’t even know if you know all of me
There is so much, that I want you to hear
I really think that we’d look good somewhere
Something is saying, that I need you here

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