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Tag: Indie

Theophilus London – Whiplash Lyrics

Whiplash Lyrics by Theophilus London [Theophilus London] Uh, uh, woo! Yeah 96, 92 Uh, whiplash, whiplash Whiplash, whiplash Whiplash [Theophilus London] Them boys acting all brand new, huh I can […]

Divino Niño – Foam Lyrics

Foam Lyrics by Divino Niño [Divino Niño] Brighter, to me you look brighter I wanna hold you all the time Wanna hold you all the time [Divino Niño] While we’re […]

Kerli – Savages Lyrics

Savages Lyrics by Kerli [Kerli] As I cough out fire You’re lighting up And you burn me with every maybe And I cut the chords and I break the locks […]

UPSAHL - Drugs Lyrics

UPSAHL – Drugs Lyrics

Drugs Lyrics by UPSAHL I just came here to the party for the drugs I’m not tryna make a friend or fall in love So just stop the faking Not […]

SWMRS - Trashbag Baby Lyrics

SWMRS – Trashbag Baby Lyrics

Trashbag Baby Lyrics by SWMRS [SWMRS] First off, “I hate you.” The words cut through her lips like a Japanese knife She didn’t expect to be hearing this tonight Meanwhile, […]

Mansionair – Shadows Lyrics

Shadows Lyrics by Mansionair [Mansionair] The streets are quiet and my heart feels like fire So I guess and play the waiting game Make no mistake, my heart lies awake […]

Jade Bird - I Get No Joy Lyrics

Jade Bird – I Get No Joy Lyrics

I Get No Joy Lyrics Military march In and out my head Everything I did Everything I said Take you to the arch For your happiness Or spend it like […]

Perfect Son – Lust Lyrics

Lust Lyrics I am turned over I parted with bad blood A storm cracked me open I see with my own eyes I’m drown to an ocean A future with […]

The Drums – Body Chemistry Lyrics

Body Chemistry Lyrics Change my life Everyone is telling me To change my life Maybe I’m depressed Or maybe i know too much About the world, about myself I know […]

Panda Bear – Token Lyrics

Panda Bear – Token Lyrics

Token Lyrics [Panda Bear] I’m cracking I wanna crack it Give my tidings I’ll go when I wanna go Have to go Blow that steam The facts of a piece […]

FIDLAR – By Myself Lyrics

By Myself Lyrics [FIDLAR] Well, I’m cracking one open with the boys by myself And everybody thinks that I need professional help But I don’t wanna think about that anymore […]