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Tag: Indie

Divino Niño – Maria Lyrics

Maria Lyrics by Divino Niño [Divino Niño] María, anoche me decías Que no me querías Comienza aquí mi herida ¿Por qué te quitas la camisa El overol y tan de […]

SYML – Bed Lyrics

Bed Lyrics by SYML [SYML] in the still of the night at the foot of your bed i guess i was lost i guess i got in over my head  […]

Crumb – Nina Lyrics

Nina Lyrics by Crumb [Crumb] Something’s up with Liz She’s lying through her teeth She hides it underneath Buying things that she don’t need [Crumb] She can play the game […]

Sego – Give Me Lyrics

Give Me Lyrics by Sego [Sego] Ya, ya, ya, uh Ya, uh, stop Keep goin’, keep goin’, keep goin’ [Sego] I think it’s time we all start acting our age […]