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Tag: R&B

Yung Pinch – This My Wave Lyrics

The Atomix, The Atomix Never have I ever lost a b---- who needs to stop it Look inside my phone book, pick a girl, yeah I got options (Hold up […]

Jeremih – Promethezine Lyrics

Promethezine by Jeremih Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit Lyrics”]

Octavian – Revenge Lyrics

Revenge by Octavian Released : 2018 This is a $umeenk track If I buy a car I’ll shoot you in your face And you ain’t gettin out, there’s no way […]

Mila J – Bars Lyrics

Bars by Mila J Album: August 2018 – EP Released : 2018 [Migh-X] I had a dream and I had to go to … and I fear you didn’t like […]

Mila J – New Boyfriend Lyrics

New Boyfriend by Mila J Album: August 2018 – EP Released : 2018 I don’t wanna be the only one who knows That the life you live isn’t the life […]

Just Don't Lie Lyrics

Mila J – Just Don’t Lie Lyrics

Just Don’t Lie by Mila J Album: August 2018 – EP Released : 2018 I can’t wait ’til you notice That can’t be us unless the shoe fits (I can’t, […]

Mila J – Handsome Lyrics

Handsome by Mila J Album: August 2018 – EP Released : 2018 What if I don’t wear skirts ’cause I like wearing pants I look better in your shirt, I […]

Kodie Shane - Flex on Me Lyrics

Kodie Shane – Flex on Me Lyrics

Flex on Me Lyrics by Kodie Shane Feat. TK Kravitz Released : 2018 Man, this beat so hard How the f--- could you flex on me? How the f--- could […]

H.E.R. - Let’s Get Away

H.E.R. – Let’s Get Away Lyrics

Let’s Get Away by H.E.R. Released : 2018 It’s just you and me, gloat in Italy We could go to France, they’ll see us holding hands We could take a […]

deM atlaS – Tomorrow Party Lyrics

Tomorrow Party by deM atlaS Released : 2018 Good morning Good morning You were asleep You were in some pain Walk across the burning sand Walk through the burning river […]

TYuS – 4U Lyrics

4U by TYuS Released : 2018 In my focus I was blind Beside of you No reflection in my eye Left the worst of me behind Do what I gotta […]

Bryson Tiller – Canceled Lyrics

Canceled By Bryson Tiller Released : 2018 [Verse 1] Did you not, not tell me not to say another lie, lie to me Not to play with you and I, […]