YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Lost Files Album Lyrics

Artist: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release date: December 23, 2022
Genre: rap

Lost Files Album Tracklist:

When it all comes down, I been here for too long
And I still can’t believe that I didn’t moved on (yeah)
02. I Thought
I thought you forever be here, yeah
Forever by my side, I thought, I thought
03. Broken Hearted
Can you see, yeah?
I don’t wanna have to have no broken heart no more
04. On a Boat
On a boat, got her, she feel love on the water
Digenero, when she look at me, she tryna find her father
05. Hey Now
Look, lil bitch I’m on my shit, so I’m like hey now
Come from thuggin’, but I’m rockin’ on that stage now
06. Doctor
We send shit to the doctor, bitch, we tryin’ to kill you and your mans
07. Perc 10
I just took a ten, took a ten
Xannies in my body fo’ I even put one in
08. Nurse
You going to school to become a nurse, I thought you would want you a business
I love it I think that it’s different
09. Ms. Alinda
Miss Alinda, it ain’t no love for my type of niggas
Miss Alinda, it was a symbol, somethin’ to do with rituals
10. I Love It
It’s a love war, pull that choppa out
When it come to you I play for keeps
I love it
11. Michael Corleone
I got Michael Corleone tatted on my chest
Watching the king of New York
My son to my left
12. 4KT Freestyle
They probably wanna bust me
Buff got that F and N, try me, everybody sin
13. Temporary Time
I ain’t tryna waste your time
And I ain’t tryna make you mine
But if it happen that’s fine
I hope I learn to treat you right over the time
14. Steady
Steady be riding around you know how me and my thugs do
Steady calling my phone saying, these niggas won’t touch you
15. Time Out
Can I take some time out, for to tell you “I forgive you and I miss you, can you come home?”
It’s fuckin’ with my mind, I don’t wan’ leave it ‘lone
16. Rich Nigga
For my rich niggas, all them young niggas (Them youngins’)
Everybody with me aimin’ at them fuck niggas
17. Locked & Loaded
Locked and loaded, fire, we be ridin’ (Let’s go, ayy)
Tryna leave his brain at the bottom
18. Dangerous
Whole lotta drank by the boat-load
Whole lotta sticks by the car loan (Brr)
19. Time Flow
Give me brain as my plane land in Idaho
I’m feelin’ drained with the wind but time steady gon’ flow
20. Murda Bizness
Laid with his family, he think I can’t touch em
My son on the way, don’t want him to grow up where he can’t thug
21. Lose Me
Diamonds in the top and through the bottom, we done ran it up
Let you drive the whip while I go score and run off on the plug

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