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Category: Alkaline

Alkaline - Nuh Trust Mankind Lyrics

Alkaline – Nuh Trust Mankind Lyrics

Nuh Trust Mankind Lyrics – Alkaline Them change like a green lizard (green lizard) All a pedal Backway We nuh want nun from dem (from dem) From dem We nuh […]

Alkaline - Ah Lyrics

Alkaline – Ah Lyrics

Ah Lyrics – Alkaline Make me tell you something Gyal you a run things Pon the bed she swallow bottle like a drunken Have me in ah Nah fi shift […]

Alkaline - Medicine Lyrics

Alkaline – Medicine Lyrics

Medicine Lyrics – Alkaline Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m feeling Uuoo yeah Sorry but I never heard you Can’t tell me about no curfew Party weh you deh? […]

Alkaline - Payroll Lyrics

Alkaline – Payroll Lyrics

Payroll Lyrics – Alkaline Smoke hot up inna my brain (my brain) Cya trick me with you mind game (mind game) Violate who? You sick? Killa murder you bumboclaat Oye […]

Alkaline - Deh Suh Lyrics

Alkaline – Deh Suh Lyrics

Deh Suh Lyrics – Alkaline Have we have we owna way, couldn’t no other way A we have owna way, yeah ohh yeah And that we say, every day yeah […]