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Category: Alkaline

Alkaline – Ocean Wave Lyrics

Ocean Wave By Alkaline uh nuh see seh we a create waves like the ocean yea When yuh deh a bed and yuh so loud explosion A we mek the […]

Alkaline – Riches Lyrics

Riches By Alkaline Wol a we grow we life heard eeh Nobody nay say hee or ee Look weh we reach yah now far e Now we a count cash […]

Alkaline – Nuh Average Lyrics

Nuh Average By Alkaline Lyrics Yow Sponge Well bad Blam! Young Gunz Bwoy dead Get ketch wrong time a di wrong place Car pull up like Bolt inna the last […]

Alkaline – Thug Loving Lyrics

Thug Loving by Alkaline: Thug Loving Lyrics Bloodc–t gyal Yuh know say more time Yuh gwaan like yuh nuh see me? And more time me gwaan like Me nuh see […]

Alkaline – Nuh Mercy Lyrics

uh Mercy by Alkaline: Yuh need fi talk to alkaline Hey gego, muuurda There has to be a peace belief Only peace a dem a rest in a peace suck […]

Alkaline – Most Wanted Lyrics

Most Wanted by Alkaline: We nuh hide and a nuh bwoy can make mi lef from mi place Iron ball fire take away a piece a yuh face Al-Qaeda Isis nuh evil like a […]