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Category: Alkaline

Alkaline - Nuh Wife Lyrics

Alkaline – Nuh Wife Lyrics

Nuh Wife Lyrics – Alkaline Fucking hell (Yeah) (Nuh wife, nuh wife) Nah look nuh wife Me wuck yuh wid me knife And mek yuh fall in love Gyal a […]

Alkaline - TOTAL MURDA Lyrics

Alkaline – TOTAL MURDA Lyrics

TOTAL MURDA Lyrics By Alkaline Auto Bamb Dem know wah good fi dem, dem guh a dem bed Walk ova deh shot play up inna dem head Ooh ooh One […]

Alkaline - We Up Lyrics

Alkaline – We Up Lyrics

We Up By Alkaline More dan 30 pon di wrist Wol heep a duppy pon di list And we a di illest dem nah guh tell yuh cause a politics (no way) Wake up […]

Alkaline – Cree Lyrics

Alkaline – Cree Lyrics

Cree By Alkaline Detta way Yo countree ah our country You know how eh badness go War cya bawl cree Tell craft man seh we full ah technique Mek him […]

Alkaline – High Props Lyrics

High Props By Alkaline One Yeh mi gi yuh high props Yeh mi gi yuh high props (uuoo, uuoo yeh) Armz House Records Yeh yeh yeh yeh Yeh yeh yeh […]

Alkaline – Nah Fi Like Lyrics

Nah Fi Like By Alkaline Off white fully dark Louis V nah knock off Yuh nuh see seh man a dweet (mhmm) Outside bathroom, red polish pon di floor Glad […]