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Category: Alkaline

Alkaline – Nuh Average Lyrics

Nuh Average By Alkaline Lyrics Yow Sponge Well bad Blam! Young Gunz Bwoy dead Get ketch wrong time a di wrong place Car pull up like Bolt inna the last […]

Alkaline – Thug Loving Lyrics

Thug Loving by Alkaline: Thug Loving Lyrics Bloodc–t gyal Yuh know say more time Yuh gwaan like yuh nuh see me? And more time me gwaan like Me nuh see […]

Alkaline – Nuh Mercy Lyrics

uh Mercy by Alkaline: Yuh need fi talk to alkaline Hey gego, muuurda There has to be a peace belief Only peace a dem a rest in a peace s--- […]

Alkaline – Most Wanted Lyrics

Most Wanted by Alkaline: We nuh hide and a nuh bwoy can make mi lef from mi place Iron ball fire take away a piece a yuh face Al-Qaeda Isis nuh evil like a […]

Alkaline – Death Announcements Lyrics

Death Announcements by Alkaline P---- them a trace Shot go through them head space Run inna yuh death Feel like yuh clever Them shoulda never war with vendetta, hey Nyam […]

Alkaline – Depend Pan Nobody Lyrics

Depend Pan Nobody by Alkaline Depend Pan nobody Ah the youngeest Lawd Ah juss the vibes Seaview, nuh depend pan nobody Uptown, nuh depend pan nobody, nobody Vendetta nuh depend, […]

Alkaline - Elite Only Lyrics

Alkaline – Elite Only Lyrics

Elite Only By Alkaline How things set yow Dem a waste dem breathe Yow jahvi Dem anuh threat nooooo! How things set yow yuh know anuh anybody get fi life […]

Alkaline – Mama Pray Lyrics

Mama Pray by Alkaline Yeo Frass taaah A di youngest lawd Lawd committed to di most high know dat Right cya fvck wid di link Cya loose vendetta cya loose […]

Alkaline – Flashback Lyrics

Flashback Lyrics by Alkaline Hm hm hm hm hmmm Yeo a just life yuh nah mean Past Memories inna me head Mek me feel like seh me heart weak Yuh […]

Alkaline – Nah Tell Yuh Lyrics

Nah Tell Yuh Lyrics by Alkaline [Intro] Buss head Lee Milla You see we killers Anything a anything, dem try, but will never win A holocaust when we go war […]

Alkaline – Black Heart Lyrics

Black Heart Lyrics by Alkaline [Alkaline] Actually, yeah Dem gyal ya after we,yeah (after we, yeah) Black Heart, Black Shadow These girls are Dem gyal ya (Black, Shadow) [Alkaline] Yow […]

Alkaline – Richer & Richer Lyrics

Richer & Richer Lyrics Alkaline Wul if off wul if off every young gun Money nah money nah money nah tell done Money tall money money tall money Dj frass […]

Alkaline – Dutty Badmind Lyrics

Dutty Badmind by Alkaline Released : 2018 Yo rado dem dweet to di elders before wi Gwaan like seh dem want hide wi glory dem cyaa stop wi glory All […]

Alkaline – Mamacita Lyrics

Mamacita by Alkaline Feat. Justin Quiles Released : 2018 Top gyalis J Quiles Top gyalis Young Lawd Top gyalis Ey, Frass Desobediente (Desobediente) Conmigo se pone inpaciente (Inpaciente) Tiene una […]

Alkaline – Yardie Fiesta Lyrics

Yardie Fiesta by Alkaline Frass “yo,yo,yo,yo,yo,yo,yo, yow” Lee miller weh we Inna? Pull up Inna the Benz out side? Deh yah fi hold a vybz oh vybz, Gyal a back […]

Alkaline – Pick Unuh Side Lyrics

Pick Unuh Side by Alkaline Released : 2018 Bounce fi me, bounce fi me nuh  Rest yuh standards pan the ground fi me nuh  Tek it off draw it down […]