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Category: Alkaline

Alkaline - Top Prize Lyrics

Alkaline – Top Prize Lyrics

Top Prize Lyrics – Alkaline Wah nuh dead nuh dash e weh (Wah nuh dead nuh dash e weh) Mek way fi di star (Yeaah) Back track to when it […]

Alkaline - Ocean Wave Lyrics

Alkaline – Ocean Wave Lyrics

Ocean Wave Lyrics – Alkaline Me dawg Jahvy produce da one yah, you see it? True Ambassador music You no see say we a create waves like the ocean, yeah […]

Alkaline - Maniac Lyrics

Alkaline – Maniac Lyrics

Maniac Lyrics – Alkaline Contract a weh yuh spend money Dawg a call him madda say him begging money (Pray fi we) Fly dem duppy anytime, anytime Bad bitch Weh […]

Alkaline - Magic Lyrics

Alkaline – Magic Lyrics

Magic Lyrics – Alkaline Magnet Magnet Whine now gal (yeaaah) Gwan with yourself The killa want up your body Man a ring off you line oh gyal (Oooohhh ahhhh) Whine […]

Alkaline - Hostage Lyrics

Alkaline – Hostage Lyrics

Hostage Lyrics – Alkaline Wol me, wol me, wol me Wol me, wol me, wol me, wol me, wol me Wol me, wol me, wol me Look pon har good […]

Alkaline - Twerc Lyrics

Alkaline – Twerc Lyrics

Twerc Lyrics – Alkaline Ooooooooh Love fi see she twerc Twercing Autobamb (True loyal) Love fi see she twerc Drop it low and bring it back Then she put it […]