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Category: BEXEY


TRU COLOURS by BEXEY If they f--- me over (If they f--- me over) If they f--- me over Then I’ma be thankful Revealin’ your true colours Imma say thank […]


HOT STEPPA Lyrics by BEXEY [BEXEY] I walk through the fire Now i’m a hot steppa Fire starter Feel no pressure I’m on my own level [BEXEY] I walk through […]

Bexey – BLOODY HELL Lyrics

BLOODY HELL by Bexey Released : 2018 I look at pictures of your face when i record my pain I want you to know I look at pictures of your […]

Bexey – TAKE A SHOT Lyrics

Take A Shot by Bexey Released : 2018 Yeah, my demons don’t fight fair Every day I wake up to a nightmare I’ll make you cry my tears You wanna […]


Spooky Electrick  by Bexey Released : 2018 Leave me alone I wanna get higher Me and my iPhone both stay on silent Leave me alone I wanna get higher I […]

Bexey – COME ALIVE Lyrics

Come Alive by Bexey Released : 2018 (I’ll come alive in the night time) (I’ll die again up in the daylight) (I’ll come alive in the night time) (I’ll die […]

Bexey – Hell Bound Lyrics

Hell Bound by Bexey Released : 2018 So many times i’ve been right here in this position I’ve been here time and time again but I just don’t listen I’m […]

Cutthroat Smile

Bexey – Cutthroat Smile Lyrics

Cutthroat Smile by Bexeyl (feat. $uicideBoy$) Shut the lights off b----, I don’t wanna see a thing Cut the sound out baby, I don’t wanna hear s--- Turn my mind […]

BEXEY – Suitcase Lyrics

Suitcase by BEXEY Released : 2017 New day to get moves made It’s a new day to moves made No day, moves made (No) I’ve been living out a suitcase […]