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Category: Cam’ron

Cam’ron – Medellin Lyrics

Medellin By Cam’ron ADM Authentic This- This is the Medellin This- This- This is the Medellin Uh (Killa) Ni- Ni- Ni- Nigga that Medellin Burn ya lungs, I be steamin’ […]

Cam’ron – Losin’ Weight 3 Lyrics

Losin’ Weight 3 By Cam’ron Present’s great, the future’s bright, one thing you can’t take away is my past, though Huh, shorty told me her story, I ain’t cast any […]

Cam’ron – K.O.P. Lyrics

K.O.P. By Cam’ron Get Large, bald docteur Baby girl, baby, baby girl wanna ride out Told her what she don’t wanna hear (I don’t care) She said, “I wanna go […]

Cam’ron – Big Deal Lyrics

Big Deal By Cam’ron Like a bullet to my head Like a fool, I pretend That it’s on again On again (Uh, uh, yo) Michelle told me a story, man, […]

Cam’ron – Fast Lane Lyrics

Fast Lane By Cam’ron Heatmakerz You can turn the beat up though (Crack Music) Tell you eight million stories, man It’s all actual factual, nigga Huh Killa Too easy Let […]

Cam’ron – The Right One Lyrics

The Right One By Cam’ron Oh, we gon’ get this from top to bottom, baby We took too long off, man We gave y’all enough time to do what y’all […]