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Category: Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah – The Chase Lyrics

The Chase by Ghostface Killah (Read The Lyrics): Speed up, Lord, they moving on us Unmarked cars with dogs, yo, they shooting at us Light the weed up, for God […]

Ghostface Killah – Pistol Smoke Lyrics

Pistol Smoke by Ghostface Killah (Read The Lyrics): You  can get clapped in the deadly hall Where  the killers skate off in the clean G Wagen, all gray Chain swingin’, […]

Ghostface Killah – Fly Everything Lyrics

Fly Everything by Ghostface Killah (Read The Lyrics): Big paper, skyscrapers The black Jerry Buss, I can buy the Lakers Fly everything Stand on the Bentley and toast to stones […]

Ghostface Killah – Conditioning Lyrics

Conditioning by Ghostface Killah (Read The Lyrics): You could throw me in a lineup, rough beard Thick knot and my shines up Mediterranean bezel rocks planted like saltines Worth about […]

Ghostface Killah - Flex Lyrics

Ghostface Killah – Flex Lyrics

Flex by Ghostface Killah (Read The Lyrics): I just wanna flex, headed for success I just bought a passport, Benny and the Jets I just got a bag though, runnin’ […]

Ghostface Killah – Killah Intro Lyrics

Killah Intro by Ghostface Killah (Read The Lyrics): Yeah, foreign cars, we coppin’ em, hoppin’ in with Glocks an’ them Stick up kids on dead-end streets, we pop ’em first, […]

Ghostface Killah – New World Lyrics

New World by Ghostface Killah: Feelin’ like Outkast, lay the stank on ya Brothas giving dap, trappin’ on the street corners B------ wavin’ “Hi” in the next man’s ride ‘Cause […]

Ghostface Killah – Party Over Here Lyrics

Party Over Here by Ghostface Killah Hahaa.. (Yeah) Tony Starks, n---- I ain’t going nowhere (Yeah) Ya’ll feel me? We ’bout to finish this all though (Aha?!) Tell ’em, tell […]