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Category: City Morgue

City Morgue – INFERIOR Lyrics

INFERIOR By City Morgue When I die, brimstone fire spread out (Okay) I’m alive, Hell if I bail out (Wassup?) Wanna riot, Semper Fi, head out (Huh?) Wanna riot, Semper […]

City Morgue – DRAINO Lyrics

DRAINO By City Morgue Woke up drenched in sweat so cold that it froze my home Wanna go to Hell, ’cause at least it’s warm on the brimstone floor No […]

City Morgue – THE GIVE UP Lyrics

THE GIVE UP By City Morgue It’s hard to choose the easy way out The gun in the mouth, your brains explode (Okay) It’s hard to end it all alone […]

City Morgue – THRESH Lyrics

THRESH By City Morgue Ten shots in my HK, spray and pray at your wig (Yeah) Flash, hook, and then flay, jump you and split your s--- (Yeah) At your crib it’s a mayday, […]

City Morgue – SPLINTER Lyrics

SPLINTER By City Morgue Uh-huh (Uh-huh) Uh-huh, huh, oh Huh, huh, huh, huh Huh, huh, huh, huh Yeah, hoe Yeah, hoe Yeah, hoe Yeah! I’m a rat killer, Shredder to […]

City Morgue – MINIMIZYA Lyrics

MINIMIZYA By City Morgue Yeah! I got, two feet in the rabbit hole (Okay) And my dead body in the catacombs (Wassup?) When I come back to say “Daddy’s home” […]

City Morgue – THE BALLOONS Lyrics

THE BALLOONS By City Morgue I’m a misfit, people run away when I’m in distance (Okay) Hell is closer to me than I thought, I see the visions (Wassup?) Life is so alone when […]

City Morgue – SOUL BURN Lyrics

SOUL BURN By City Morgue Uh, sleeze It’s Big Sleeze, talk my s--- PLURBS Mula! Steppin’ on the coke, lil’ n----, I just moonwalk (Work) Got a red nose from […]

City Morgue – 16 TOES Lyrics

16 TOES By City Morgue Yeah! Lawnchair a b---- and have her foldin’ over (Okay) And then I pop a n---- melon like a Coca-Cola (Wassup?) Skull and crossbones, yeah, […]

City Morgue – WOAH Lyrics

WOAH By City Morgue Is that Shoki on the beat? Yung Germ! Ryder, turn me up! Woah woah woah woah Woah woah woah woah (Sleezy) Woah woah woah woah Woah […]

City Morgue – DIRTNAP Lyrics

DIRTNAP By City Morgue Yeah! Ready or not, here I come, I got a hazmat (Okay!) Through your doorknob, spray chemicals on your dad hat (Wassup?) Choppa soundin’ like a […]

City Morgue – C4 Lyrics

C4 By City Morgue Acid base (What?), burn down to the vein (Okay) From waist down (What?), and now you need a cane (Okay) Lobotomize your friends, I hammer nails […]

City Morgue – BABYWIPES Lyrics

BABYWIPES By City Morgue Sleezy! B----, I could buy you (F--- outta here) Put this stick inside you (Boom, boom) B----, b---- I’m Ryu (Mula!) Blood, free the guys still […]

City Morgue – MOUTHGUARD Lyrics

MOUTHGUARD By City Morgue Yung Germ I like to break s---, make s---, build it and destroy it Create it and foil it, stomp on it and soil it Break […]

City Morgue – PEELING SCABS Lyrics

PEELING SCABS By City Morgue You will never see me (Okay) Walk away from the grave I made (Wassup?) Just know life isn’t easy (Okay) Made my fair share of […]