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Category: Greyson Chance

portraits (2019)

1. shut up
2. ​bleed you still
3. yours
4. plains
5. ​west texas
6. ​white roses
7. lights
8. black on black
9. seasons nineteen
10. timekeeper
11. ​stand
12. lakeshore

Greyson Chance – Boots Lyrics

Boots By Greyson Chance Oh, I feel like I’m running Oh, I feel like I’m running in my Oh, I feel like I’m running Boots with the steel toe, hot […]

Greyson Chance – lakeshore Lyrics

Greyson Chance – lakeshore Lyrics

lakeshore Lyrics by Greyson Chance There you are so gracefully, putting on a show Speaking into silence and you’ve bottled up your cold Take me to a foreign place, one […]

Greyson Chance – stand Lyrics

Greyson Chance – stand Lyrics

stand Lyrics by Greyson Chance You’ve got heart and it’s painted on you And I can see all the false yous I see through all that they do And I’m […]

Greyson Chance – lights Lyrics

lights Lyrics by Greyson Chance [Greyson & Woman] What’s the best strip club in Vegas? The big, the largest now is Hustler ’cause they have three floors Okay, okay Two […]

Greyson Chance – plains Lyrics

plains Lyrics by Greyson Chance One of the first gigs I ever played, out of all places, was at my brother’s fraternity house in Norman for some philanthropy event. And, […]

Greyson Chance – yours Lyrics

yours Lyrics by Greyson Chance I’m holding onto every word that you last said to me Hear your emotion and how everything to you was uneasy, oh All these hours […]

Greyson Chance – timekeeper Lyrics

timekeeper Lyrics By Greyson Chance Remember that feel of my hands running through your hair on your bedroom floor Caught in the thrill of a life spending cash on s--- […]

Greyson Chance - shut up Lyrics

Greyson Chance – shut up Lyrics

shut up Lyrics by Greyson Chance [Greyson Chance] I cannot hold my tongue, you give me much to say I’m sweating bullets, nervous that you’ll push away And when your […]