John K – U Sometimes Lyrics

U Sometimes Lyrics – John K Any minute, any moment, anytime Hard to focus, when you show up, on my mind You become a problem I don’t think I wanna

John K – Guitars and Drugs Lyrics

Guitars and Drugs Lyrics – John K We go together like peace and love Windshields and bugs, like guitars and drugs We go together like sun and summer Like dumb

John K – A LOT Lyrics

A LOT Lyrics – John K Wish I knew that the last time was the last time Didn’t know what I was missing ’til it passed by And now we

John K – nothing with you Lyrics

nothing with you Lyrics – John K Tryna catch the time But it’s slipping right through I’m not by your side When I say goodnight to you See it in

John K – magic Lyrics

magic Lyrics – John K Been a king without a queen All my life, it’s always been me So many heart but baby, you’re one of a kind I’ve, played

John K – don’t Lyrics

don’t Lyrics – John K How the silence gets louder than the TV? Something changed the second it got easy Hate the quiet and, rather fight you then Feel nothing

John K – fomo Lyrics

fomo Lyrics – John K All the cute little things you do I know they don’t mean a thing to you Some things, some things that I only see Funny

John K – ​already done Lyrics

​already done Lyrics – John K You came into focus I drowned in your ocean And I didn’t notice, baby, how deep Like paint to a picture Or words to

John K – wouldn’t you agree Lyrics

wouldn’t you agree Lyrics – John K You’ve been on my mind, baby, I don’t mind it (Yeah) Taking all my time, spending all my time on you If you

John K – everything Lyrics

everything Lyrics – John K You’re so Beautiful when you’re laughing Butterflies on your face Talking until the morning Still got so much to say Thought I knew everything about

John K – let me let you go Lyrics

let me let you go Lyrics – John K Lyrics to «let me let you go» (Oooh) Am I holding you close Or am I just holding onto something that

John K – learning how to love Lyrics

learning how to love Lyrics – John K Lyrics to «learning how to love» Perfect Baby, you’re perfect But I can’t say the same for me Under the surface I

John K – days like this Lyrics

days like this Lyrics – John K Lyrics to «days like this» Woke up on the, on the right side Your eyes hittin’ different in the sun I can’t, can’t

John K – i.l.y.m Lyrics

i.l.y.m Lyrics – John K Lyrics to «i.l.y.m» I miss you already And you’re not even gone I wanna call you We just hung up the phone I wrote you

John K – parachute Lyrics

parachute Lyrics – John K Vibing We could talk all night or sit in silence Watching shitty movies Getting high and laughing about nothing much at all And that’s cool

John K – cheap sunglasses Lyrics

cheap sunglasses Lyrics By John K This is why I can’t have nice things ‘Cause I break ’em, I’ll take ’em for granted, yeah The second I tell you how

John K – Happiness Lyrics

Happiness By John K Wasted away on the sofa And so far I can’t see the end Wake me when all this is over The water is over my head

John K – 6 months Lyrics

6 months By John K Feels like it’s been six months and seven days When I’m without you There ain’t no way I don’t think about you, yeah All I