Madilyn Bailey – Tattoos & Therapy Lyrics

Tattoos & Therapy Lyrics – Madilyn Bailey I’ve got this self-destructive energy Text my ex and regret it immediately End up in somebody’s bed and wake up hating me, hating

Madilyn Bailey – Mister Misfit Lyrics

Mister Misfit Lyrics – Madilyn Bailey Teddy bear with a missing eye (with a missing eye) An airplane that doesn’t fly (that doesn’t fly) A smiley face that only cry,

Madilyn Bailey – Digital Age Lyrics

Digital Age Lyrics by Madilyn Bailey, Written by Catalina Schweighauser, Madilyn & Clifford Goilo, “Digital Age” released on June 1, 2022 The song Digital Age produced by Clifford Goilo Digital

Madilyn Bailey – My Worst Lyrics

My Worst Lyrics – Madilyn Bailey Spent the last year with my thoughts Doing yoga and a detox, drinking Green tea and I stopped watching TV I thought that I