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Noah Cyrus - Ghost Lyrics

Noah Cyrus – Ghost Lyrics

Ghost By Noah Cyrus Why don’t we kill the lights? I’m no good at hiding underneath a sea of tears Flood pouring through my eyes I can’t even close them, […]

Noah Cyrus - Liar Lyrics

Noah Cyrus – Liar Lyrics

Liar By Noah Cyrus You always break a heart when you break a promise I guess I didn’t practice what I preach I know not telling you was so dishonest […]

Noah Cyrus - Young & Sad Lyrics

Noah Cyrus – Young & Sad Lyrics

Young & Sad By Noah Cyrus Hey Bud This Is Ol’ Dad Just wanted you to know that you ain’t alone Keep a smile on your face, everything’s gonna be […]

Noah Cyrus - Wonder Years Lyrics

Noah Cyrus – Wonder Years Lyrics

Wonder Years By Noah Cyrus What, what if I said, I’m trying to make it up For all of the lames that’s playing games with you, You deserve better, love […]