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Noah Cyrus – f***younoah Lyrics

Noah Cyrus – fuckyounoah Lyrics I’m a narcissist I can’t co-exist One plus one equals me And truth is I’m in love with it ‘Cause I’m a narcissist That’s just […]

Noah Cyrus – Lonely Lyrics

Lonely by Noah Cyrus Lyrics I’m slowly killing myself I’m trying so hard at the back of the shelf It’s just the same every day I’m writing these songs that will never get played […]

Noah Cyrus – July Lyrics

July by Noah Cyrus I’ve been holding my breath I’ve  been counting to ten Over  something you said I’ve been holding back tears While you’re throwing back beers You  know […]

Noah Cyrus – Sadness Lyrics

Sadness by Noah Cyrus Released : 2018 Three years of therapy still hasn’t got me right I still wake up crying on the floor And I know I feel too […]

Noah Cyrus – Punches Lyrics

Punches by Noah Cyrus Released : 2018 Honey, it’s like my words burned out I’m trying to put it out I’m trying but don’t know how Honey, I’m drowning in […]

Noah Cyrus – Good Cry Lyrics

Good Cry by Noah Cyrus Released : 2018 I’ve been drinking this best drop for days The man across the bar taught me his ways They try to send me […]

Noah Cyrus – Team Lyrics

Team by Noah Cyrus Feat. Max Released : 2018 Look at me You think that I’m tryin’ to fight ya But I’ll always be on your side, yeah Oh oh […]

Alan Walker – All Falls Down Lyrics

All Fall Down by Alan Walker Feat. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals Released : 2017 What’s the trick? I wish I knew I’m so done with thinking through all […]

Noah Cyrus – Again Lyrics

Again by Noah Cyrus Feat. XXXTENTACION Released : 2017 [Noah Cyrus:] You just made the worst mistake And you’ll regret it, darling ‘Cause once you give and then you take […]