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Category: Omarion

Omarion - Do You Well Lyrics

Omarion – Do You Well Lyrics

Do You Well Lyrics – Omarion (Oh) On that route (Way to you) Y’all ready? (Ready) Got it on smash Ooh, you be callin’ me when you’re alone (Yeah) You […]

Omarion - Mutual Lyrics

Omarion – Mutual Lyrics

Mutual Lyrics – Omarion Let the nigga roll up somethin’ special Baby, I know you’re used to failures Can I get deep inside your psyche? You ain’t gotta do all […]

Omarion - In It Lyrics

Omarion – In It Lyrics

In It Lyrics – Omarion On the balcony, the private suite is way up Far as I can see, I got a clean lay-up I can hit it from the […]

Omarion - Unbothered Lyrics

Omarion – Unbothered Lyrics

Unbothered Lyrics – Omarion Ooh, ooh (I still) Ooh, ooh Broken into pieces You know you’re the reason Never been defeated ‘Cause I didn’t need it You make your decisions […]

Omarion - B2K Experience Lyrics

Omarion – B2K Experience Lyrics

B2K Experience Lyrics – Omarion Just jumped off the plane Everybody know my name Smashin’ in my own lane Catchin’ Z’s, purple bus now Top gun on the I-10 That’s […]

Omarion - U And I Lyrics

Omarion – U And I Lyrics

U And I Lyrics – Omarion Ooh, oh You and I, it ain’t no You and I, I can’t go (Go) no more (More) Ain’t no, no You and I, […]