Shadow Of Intent – Blood In The Sands Of Time Lyrics

Blood In The Sands Of Time Lyrics – Shadow Of Intent

Blood in the sands of time
The ageless clock is counting down
The purveyors and crusaders bygone live on renowned
Some dare aspire to join the ranks of the gods
The certainty of your safety now drains with every hour

Only the dead have seen the end of war

All sons of the many gods
The race of men
Begotten end

Empires fall
Years have progressed and are forsaken
The meek are cast down
The strongest garnering the gains
Sounds of war echo on in solemn spirit
The blind, the sick, the old, the young, even the demons hear it
And as time passes on, these situations
Remain a constant in the name of indemnification
The oozing black heart below the surface is calling outward
And those who dare listen shall be relentlessly pulled under

Worldwide crisis
Divinity rehashed
The world you see that surrounds you was built from murder
The cycle of death continues and we push it further

Always mobilized
Eager to pulverize
Corrupt, destabilize
Autonomy strung up high
The whole are dead to rights
Nothing shall ever suffice
Our end is prophecized
The suicide of our kind

Rejecting signs as the grand clock unwinds
Oil pipelines pour spilled blood in the sands of time
We walk the earth and still the ground, it trembles

Transcending elements
From death we cannot hide
Suicide of humankind
Kiss of death claiming lives
To persevere is no option
Reset, rewind

Suicide of humankind
Eden is falling apart
Sounds of war echo on
The sounds of war echo on
The sheer will of mankind can hold on only for so long
Acting as though the last grain has faltered