Shadow Of Intent – Life Of Exile Lyrics

Life Of Exile Lyrics – Shadow Of Intent

Again, they’ve come to tear down our ideals
With prestigious grins staring down at us
Dispelled from the region only to return thirty cycles past
These wounds recur
Is this the day I die?

Forced away, driven into these holes
We leave behind our memories of home
I’ve lost all that I know
Everything I own was taken away from me

Amidst the silence, distant foreboding cries
The ambience of warfare chills my bones
It should have been me
Why did you have to take them away?
Now I ask myself, is this the day I die?

Lying low from the sterilization of earth
The roars overhead have chased all wildlife off
Each way out has been cordoned off
Accumulation of displacement

The cellars won’t protect us all
We will soon meet the same perilous end
As the times change, they continue to resist a perverse aggression of no limit

As the cities crumble, a rise of fists
Now they hunt them down, back to where they live
Taught to kill from the day they were born
We never asked for conflict, but the world views us as the enemy