Shadow Of Intent – Saurian King Lyrics

Saurian King Lyrics – Shadow Of Intent

This is where it began
Before the coming of war

With long knives they carve the night
Awaiting in anticipation to long persist the coming abyss
A savage conflict is unfurling
Condemning of faith, condemning with hate and death
Violent expulsions, claiming the lands as their own
A cataclysmic and misanthropic catalyst shall further enrage

Demands for our deaths
Several long nights of terror
The cleansing begins
This is the new beginning of our living hell

The coming was foretold, warnings went unheeded
We all sat by and stare as the stampeded proceeded

Conquer all
Drudges invading the denizens
Laughing and dancing while bidding the devil’s work
Martyrs lie in the streets on this night

So you may live, they give their selfless death
But the madness does not end yet
Scales project
From beneath his ophidian skin

You were never supposed to be king
But the madness does not end yet my friend
This isn’t the end

Pissing right on our graves
Razing, dragging our names through the dirt
The worst has yet to come
The blame for their failures falls on us
We pay for this with the conflagration of 1000 shrines

Obey you not
You deceive your own
Others blinded by your lies
I see through them all