Shadow Of Intent – Farewell Lyrics

Farewell Lyrics – Shadow Of Intent

The time has come
The world shall bleed and into inferno we’ll go
I must fight, die if I must
Into inferno we go
It won’t rest ’til the grounds have no room left
All goddamned legions are condemned to their god
I beg for your forgiveness

For we’ve found ourselves wandering hell
Yet my love for you burns forevermore
I will climb from this widening chasm to my feet
I shall bring defeat

Beneath my feet
I trampled all in my path
I bow not to the Saurian King
But if I do not return

The fight may take a perilous turn
The day may never come where I shall come home
For I’ll gladly give my own life, if it means you will survive
What choice do I have?

To fight or die, no way out alive
The cowards are left shot in both sides
You’ll find me in the afterlife
Live out your days with grief out of sight
I am sorry that you’ll never find my body to say your goodbyes