The Acacia Strain – Walled City Lyrics

Walled City by The Acacia Strain
Album : Gravebloom
Released : 2017

Blinded by the swirling dust
Fade into twilight from dusk
Burnt by the desert sun
I don’t remember anyone
Delusion outs my mind at ease
I can barely see or breathe
Looking up to the sky
I feel so lonely I could die
This sand will be my grave
Picked apart before I am saved
The vultures circle overhead
Don’t cry for me I’m already dead
The wilted waste around me
My heart starts beating slowly
Each breath feels like my last
No future only past
I can move I cannot think
The world moves on around me
Nothing but blue skies above
As my lungs begin to combust
I put the swine before the pearls
A dying man in a dying world
I see the circling crows
They all know what no one else knows
Barely conscious barely alive
I relinquish my right my will to survive
As my lungs fill with heat and sand
I reach out to grab your hand
Mirage in life and dream in death
After this there is nothing left

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[ Quotable ]
The world will celebrate
Your fall from grace
Half the world wants to
Spit in your face
The world will celebrate
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Half the world wants to
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[ Quotable ]
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Turned the color of the sky, you told me you were sorry

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