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Category: Dagny

Dagny - Come Over Lyrics

Dagny – Come Over Lyrics

Come Over By Dagny I keep going back to when I laid eyes on you ‘Cause ever since then you’ve been on my mind You gave me that look and […]

Dagny - Paris Lyrics

Dagny – Paris Lyrics

Paris By Dagny You’ve been worrying too much again ‘Bout how we can’t afford the rent And how our friends are so at ease Now you’re talking bout the places […]

Dagny - Let Me Cry Lyrics

Dagny – Let Me Cry Lyrics

Let Me Cry By Dagny Sometimes I get scared of what’s in my mind Talk when I shouldn’t cross over the line Sometimes I rage like a fire And I […]

Dagny - Coulda Woulda Shoulda Lyrics

Dagny – Coulda Woulda Shoulda Lyrics

Coulda Woulda Shoulda By Dagny There’s always something to fix, isn’t there? There’s always something you did If I think about it There’s always someone you miss, isn’t there? There’s […]

Dagny - Tension Lyrics

Dagny – Tension Lyrics

Tension By Dagny Let the feeling sink in We don’t need a reason What’s the point of rushing before it begins I know how you like your coffee And how […]

Dagny – Somebody Lyrics

Somebody By Dagny When you called up my phone I was all alone, Voice close to my ear, like the sound of a song, You said let’s take a ride, […]