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Category: Julie Bergan

Julie Bergan – Hard Feelings Lyrics

Hard Feelings By Julie Bergan Lyrics You know exactly how to trigger me Late night message say you missin’ me Last time I saw you, you were leavin’ me Must […]

Julie Bergan – Bored Lyrics

Bored By Julie Bergan Lyrics Hey, I’ve been thinking That what we got is all I want, yeah We got a good think That’s good enough So don’t think too […]

Julie Bergan – Crazy Enough Lyrics

Crazy Enough by Julie Bergan Hey, we were 17 yesterday Well, at least it kinda felt that way Now we’re standing at the station Waiting and waiting like something will suddenly change We […]

Julie Bergan – Outlaw Lyrics

Outlaw Lyrics by Julie Bergan Hands go up when it all goes down Rob your heart then I burn this town Run, run, run but you can’t hide now I’m […]