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Category: Fetty Wap

American rapper

Fetty Wap – Fresh N Clean Lyrics

Fresh N Clean By Fetty Wap Ayy, lil’ body, don’t pass me, I’m dressed so fresh (So fresh) Don’t you think I’m so sexy? I’m dressed so fresh (So fresh […]

Fetty Wap – Brand New Lyrics

Brand New by Fetty Wap: Brand New Lyrics: Excuse me, yeah If I’m actin’ brand new You’re right, I like to do what I do Ay, don’t switch sides on me, baby And […]

Fetty Wap – Birthday Lyrics

Birthday by Fetty Wap Love it when you walk my way Baby you a boss, I’ma listen when you talk now, baby (Oh) Love it when you walk that way […]

Fetty Wap – History Lyrics

History Lyrics by Fetty Wap [Fetty Wap] Yeaaahh baby Ay [Fetty Wap] It’s been so different since you distant me yea I miss your love, I miss you missin’ me […]

Fetty Wap – Hold On Lyrics

Hold On Lyrics by Fetty Wap [Fetty Wap:] Spend all my time with you, just hold on (ay yeah) Always assume I treat you so wrong (ay yeah) You’re the […]