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Category: Fetty Wap

American rapper

Fetty Wap – Fresh N Clean Lyrics

Fresh N Clean By Fetty Wap Ayy, lil’ body, don’t pass me, I’m dressed so fresh (So fresh) Don’t you think I’m so sexy? I’m dressed so fresh (So fresh […]

Fetty Wap – Brand New Lyrics

Brand New by Fetty Wap: Brand New Lyrics: Excuse me, yeah If I’m actin’ brand new You’re right, I like to do what I do Ay, don’t switch sides on me, baby And […]

Fetty Wap – Birthday Lyrics

Birthday by Fetty Wap Love it when you walk my way Baby you a boss, I’ma listen when you talk now, baby (Oh) Love it when you walk that way […]

Fetty Wap – History Lyrics

History Lyrics by Fetty Wap [Fetty Wap] Yeaaahh baby Ay [Fetty Wap] It’s been so different since you distant me yea I miss your love, I miss you missin’ me […]

Fetty Wap – Hold On Lyrics

Hold On Lyrics by Fetty Wap [Fetty Wap:] Spend all my time with you, just hold on (ay yeah) Always assume I treat you so wrong (ay yeah) You’re the […]

Fetty Wap – Trap God Lyrics

Trap God Lyrics by Fetty Wap [Fetty Wap] Trap house I just need a stove in it Water with the pot, put the bowl in it If my plug don’t […]

Fetty Wap – Trippin Baby Lyrics

Fetty Wap – Trippin Baby Lyrics

Trippin Baby Lyrics by Fetty Wap [Fetty Wap] You gon’ hold me down why you so distant baby (distant baby) You gon’ call my phone like who is it baby […]

Fetty Wap – With You Lyrics

With You by Fetty Wap Released : 2017 You make it feel it like la la Ooh, what a feeling I’m feeling, you make it feel so good Girl, you […]

Fetty Wap – Crew Freestyle Lyrics

Released : 2017 [Intro] There are demons all around me Demons all around me I keep money all around, all around, all around me [Hook] I got demons all around […]

Fetty Wap – AYE Lyrics

Aye by Fetty Wap Genre : Hip Hop Released : 2017 17, we ain’t playin’, ay 15 car garage, ay S--- still ain’t enough, ay Bank account got the most, […]

Fetty Wap – XO Freestyle Lyrics

Shorty said she miss me but she lie, but she lie Something about me leaving made her cry, made her cry She don’t want another n---- in her life, in […]

Fetty Wap – Like A Star Lyrics

Like A Star Lyrics (feat. Nicki Minaj) by Fetty Wap Young Money! Ayy Uh Yeah baby, woah Ayyy I’ma give you this work, work, baby You know I’m a flirt, […]

Fetty Wap – To The Moon Lyrics

To The Moon Lyrics by Fetty Wap Feat. Monty My only dream to stack it to the moon And I just had lil shawty in the room Chopper kicking, sweeping […]

Fetty Wap – Trap Queen Lyrics

RGF production Remy Boyz, yeah 17-38 ey [Verse 1:] I’m like, “Hey, what’s up? Hello.” Seen your pretty a-- soon as you came in the door I just wanna chill, […]