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Category: Alaina Castillo

Alaina Castillo – back to you Lyrics

back to you By Alaina Castillo I let two oceans collide Floodin’ their way through my mind They’re washin’ up like the tide Don’t be scared now, my love You should know Even […]

Alaina Castillo – papacito Lyrics

papacito By Alaina Castillo Love the way that you say what I’m thinking Like you already know what I’m wanting Tell me all of the things that I’m missing But I already know that […]

Alaina Castillo – mentiras Lyrics

mentiras By Alaina Castillo You keep it quiet Put me in bad situations Force me to stay in my head Overthinking, I say with no explanations Then you were up here in my bed […]

Alaina Castillo – no importa Lyrics

no importa By Alaina Castillo Yo sé lo que piensa to’ el mundo Y no me voy a preocupar No quieren que tú y yo estemos juntos Pero ellos no saben la verdad […]

Alaina Castillo – beautiful silence Lyrics

beautiful silence By Alaina Castillo Lyrics I trapped away myself In deathly darkness Now I’m left with no one else Except my sadness I asked and I received total silence I crept up […]